Rushik Loves loves to help people to grow, and take their business to next level. Sharing what works and what didn't worked for someone else, from which one can learn, and avoid making the mistakes that someone else has made previously. There is nothing called overnight success, we have to take action and we can model by learning from people who have succeeded.

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Jitendra Says “When I started the business, there were many different challenges, and every day there was a new problem. It was good that slowly the business was moving up the ladder by us solving problems day by day.  The key that I realized is to always start small. Initially when we started we invested a lot of money in taking part in trade shows, that didn’t directly got us great business, except branding our services in the market. Instead of big investment, if I would have taken a small stall in the trade fair, it would have serve the purpose. So my advice would  be always start small and increase gradually.”

Rushik “Awesome Jitendra, So how you use the digital part managing your digital business ? ”
Jitendra “Since we are in IT services, it helps in almost every manner, starting from Marketing, Sales, operations, Accounts, online payments and relationship building through SMS, Whatsapp and Email notifications. In all this activity we use Digital services in all possible way. One of the interested way that we use, is sending email notification of every change that a person makes on the domain level. This helps a lot in accountability and also the domain owner, can monitor any unauthorized changes happening to their domain, as domain today is a virtual real estate, which needs to be protected from spammers and hackers.

One of the most widely used method or us is email marketing. From time to time, we send our customers, information via email. Whenever there is a new product launch, or changes in price, or new trending product of the market, We always notify our customers, via a simple email message, sent via our servers bulk email options, and we get a great response every-time we send an email.

My advice to everyone would be, that do make use of Information Technology by learning it from a user point of view, it may seem a little hard initially, but when you get used to it, its a great time saver, plus it improves your productivity. Learning things, by making use of a lot of simple and basic tools, which are generally available for free on the internet, which will also help you to organised the work, and save a lot of your time. For example, you can make use of google sheets, which is a free alternative to Microsoft excel, and pretty much you can do a lot of things which you can’t do even on an excel ( the  online collaboration, which is multiple user viewing and editing the same sheet in real time )

We are able to sell our services at a very reasonable price and are able to provide prompt service and our true victories are our client based like Adani Foundation, Chiripal Industries,  Aditya Birla Public School, Ajanta Manufacturing, Ramdev Food Products, Electrotherm, NID, CEPT, Lincoln Pharma, Heuback Colour, Hipoline, and many others.

Our vision moving forward is to Grow multi-fold using IT Automation tools and by developing the second line of Team Leaders.

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