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Failures are our Greatest Teachers – Andrew Greenstein

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Andrew says and believes that it was Walt Disney, who said – Everyone needs to fail once, as it teaches you a lot. Failures are believed to be our greatest instructors. Metaphorically, when you fall flat on your face, it’s not about how far you fall, but about how quickly you get back up.

Everyone falls but a majority of them give up. For him probably, in this business of resume writing, the major challenge is dealing with the aggressive competition. This challenge is very difficult to overcome, and one might expend many hours to solve an issue, but it might just so happen that your competitor would find a better solution and push you out of the game.

Instead of sitting down and thinking on the failures, Andrew believes in taking a sip of coffee and analysing what would be the reason, that the competitor was able to sail the ship and provide better strategic solutions. Reworking, and attempting the same task with a new approach, till you find success is what we need to learn from his failures. There’ll be some periods, when you’ll scratch your head on an issue or pound your desk, embroiled in your worries. But, you it’s okay as long as you’re having fun, and treading on path to find a suitable solution. Basically, there is always a way to win or there is always a strategy. So, if you are a persistent person who doesn’t have a problem with failing and are able to say, “Okay, I feel like everyone else, and now I am going to get back up and start punching”, then you know that you are adopting the right mentality and approach. Basically, that’s how Andrew strongly believes that anyone can succeed.

Online media has helped grow Andrew’s business in countless ways. It exists as an internet business because he doesn’t need any storefront or overheads. Thus, he was able to sell his resume-products for less money, than a local person who’s working offline and incurring more overheads than Andrew. Also, online media has made it easier for us to have a larger target audience, whereas local marketing will only get as, you know, a lesser number of people as their potential market. The advent of the internet has optimized us, so that we can literally appeal to millions of potential customers. People are not necessarily being introduced to a new products that we have to convince them to buy. Andrew sells resumes and people are already looking for it.

Andrew says, often, I have divided my internet businesses into two general categories. One among are those that bring the things that are brand new to the market place, as they never existed, and they have to spend time and money convincing people that their new product or service is integral and should be used. That’s when you create something extremely new and innovative like eBay or something.  Whereas the other kind of business is, you find something that people are already searching for actively, something that people need. In this case, career and resume writing services. And then you create a website that fulfils their needs and something which the customers are actively searching for. Therefore, there is not much expenditure, time or energy required in customer acquisition. I can, of course, go to Google or to other similar services and look up how many people per month are searching – for hiring a resume writer. After doing that, of course, I can optimize my site to get into those keywords or can advertise on those keywords and thus, I could just get a general indication in advance of whether or not my business idea will succeed or fail. Because if I see that 29K people a day are regularly actively searching to hire someone to write resume obviously, they are pretty targeted audience which I need to focus.

If they are just searching for the keyword “resume”. Well, then they might not be looking to hire somebody to pay money to write a resume. So, advertising on those basis might be a little more risky. Basically, all of these tools have the ability to market to a wider audience. One should have the strength and grit to research what people are looking for, and the ability to work 24 hours a day to accept orders, at whatever time they may arrive.

Andrew says – Probably the biggest success for our business has been our longevity. As I have been into this business and a very similar writing business online for approximately 25 years, we have been successful and never had a bad year. Specifically, I have been in the resume business for 16 years, and before that, for 9 years I had a research-paper writing business following the same framework as I have now, which I sold off.

He added – in general, I like to travel the world. I enjoy spending time with my family and the fruits of my labour is the result of my success. Through proper and systematic planning, I ensured that there was a steady cash-flow in the business and this, in turn, made my company bigger. Therefore, my greatest success is that I got to see my children grow up because I didn’t have to go to an office and spend a majority of time in a cubicle. My job was on the computer and I only worked when I wanted to work. Every year, I managed to generate enough income which kept me in the top one percent or better for those earning in the United States. I have done all that through an online company, that doesn’t even have the nicest website, to be honest. That is pretty old, and we can take the time to update them, but 2018 was probably was the biggest and best year that we ever had. So a lot of the heart and a belief keeps it going. And I try not to stress over it and just try to make it an enjoyable process. And I think that’s been the greatest success.

Rushik asked – So Andrew, tell me what were the methods that you have used to gain so much popularity of your resume writing services, and how did you reach it so fast?

Andrew replied – Primarily the internet methods that I have used to this point, generally, include a combination of, search engine optimization and pay per click marketing depending on the nature of the business. I have had some businesses online that do incredibly through social media marketing. But, resume writing isn’t really quite tailored for that. I mean people aren’t going to share new career planning resume writing service on their Facebook pages. On the contrary, social media marketing would really work for some businesses. Let’s take, for example, one of my businesses, wherein we rent out these really cool, themed mansions. People are going to love to share the video of the cool mansion, and make it viral. When it comes to resume writing, I need to target people that are looking for resume writers and that is done through search engine optimization and pay per clicks. Also, as part of the optimization, of course, it’s important to get many external links from other sites. So, I tried to get those external links by any means necessary from websites that I feel that our target market would be looking out for. Also, we have generated a lot of revenue by subscribing to some affiliated programs and then posting them after our customers have already made the sale. After somebody has already purchased any of our products, we show them the available jobs by and we aggressively linked to jobs by Then, as an added bonus, we collect monthly commissions from jobs by

Another thing is that we have adopted some creative ways for marketing our service. For example, even today, we don’t believe in having just one website for one company. This is, because, I feel that if you have ten website or hundred websites then, the customers are looking for your product instead of choosing between you and your competitor or a number of competitors. Instead, they would be choosing between you and that competitor. Basically, most of them will be choosing you. Sometimes when you are in a competitive online market, people are choosing from among hundreds of companies and when you add dozens or hundreds of those companies it is more likely that they will pick you. Although over the last ten to twelve years this concept, in general, has become viewed as more spam but the way around is, basically, we make multiple sites with unique content in the similar field and essentially, and they compete among themselves.

Rushik asked – “So, what’s your vision moving forward?”

Andrew replied – “The vision going forward is to maintain and slightly grow up, than we are today. Once you have created an online business that provides value for others, you need to keep generating consistent revenue and profit. Apart from that, I want to keep surviving and traveling the world a little to know and enjoy my work. I feel that anything else is just greed, and I just want to enjoy life and continue to ensure that this business lasts and if my children want it, to pass on to them as well.”

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