Rushik Loves loves to help people to grow, and take their business to next level. Sharing what works and what didn't worked for someone else, from which one can learn, and avoid making the mistakes that someone else has made previously. There is nothing called overnight success, we have to take action and we can model by learning from people who have succeeded.

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Top Failure and Key learnings:


Andrew says and believes that it was Walt Disney who said everyone needs to fail once as it teaches you a lot. Failures are also been said are our greatest teachers, when you fall down metaphorically on your face it, not about the fall but it’s about how quickly you get back up.

Everyone falls but majority of them give up. For him probably in this business of resume writing the major challenge is dealing with the aggressive competition. It is also the hardest thing to learn and the biggest failure because sometimes may many hours of work go in trying to solve a problem and the end result might be that they have something better up while you wake up.

Instead of sitting down and thinking on the failures, Andrew believes in taking a sip of coffee and analyzing what would be the reason, the competitor was able to sail the ship. Reworking and attempting with new approach till success is what we need to learn from his failures.  As long as you have some fun playing even through the pounding on the computer desk and head-scratching on the worries. Basically, there is always a way to win/ there is always a strategy. So, if you are persistence and being falling down and able to say, “Okay, I feel like everyone else, and now I am going to get back up and start punching”. Basically, that’s how he strongly believes anyone can succeed.

Online media helped grow his business in countless ways. It exists as an internet business because we need no storefront or no overheads. So, he was able to sell the resume products very much in very less money than say a local offline person who does everything in person. Also, online media has made so that they have a much larger target audience. Whereas local marketing will only get as, you know, X number of thousands of people as their potential market. The advent of the internet has made so that we can literally appeal to the millions of potential customers. People are not necessarily being introduced to a new product that we have to convince them to buy. Andrew sell resumes and people are already looking for it.

Andrew says, Often, I have divided internet businesses into two general categories. One among are those that bring the things that are brand new to the market place as they never existed, and they have to spend time and money convincing people or going viral or convincing people that their new product or service or is integral and should be something used. That’s when you create something extremely new and innovative like eBay or something.  Whereas the other kind of business is, you find something that people are already searching for actively, something that people need. In this case, career and resume writing services. And then you create a website that fulfills their needs that they are searching for. Therefore, there is not much expenditure, time or energy is required in customer acquisition. I can, of course, go to Google or to other similar services and look up how many people per month are searching for hiring a resume writer. After doing that, of course, I can optimize my site to get into those keywords, I can advertise on those keywords or I could just get a general indication in advance of whether or not my business idea will succeed or fail. Because if I see that 29K people a day are regularly actively searching to hire someone to write resume obviously, they are pretty targeted audience which I need to focus.

If they are just searching for the keyword “resume”. Well, then they might not be looking to hire somebody to pay money to write a resume. So, advertising when you might be a little more risky. Basically, all of these tools have the ability to market to the wider audience. The option to research what people are looking for, the ability to work 24 hours a day to accept orders all day long.

Probably the biggest success for our business has been our longevity. As I have been into this business and very similar writing businesses to it now online for approximately 25 years successfully, we never had a bad year. Resume writing specifically had for 16 years but before that, I had research paper writing which followed a very similar model from 9 years ago, which I sold.

In general, I travel the world. I enjoy time with my family and the fruits of my labor is the result of my success. So that money just continues to flow in there which also includes proper planning by that only I was able to grow the company much bigger. Therefore, my greatest success is that I got to see my children grow up because I didn’t have to go to the office. My job was on the computer and the only work when I want to work. Every year I have managed to generate plenty of income keeping me in the top one percent or better for the united states earners. I have done all that through an online company, that doesn’t even have the nicest website, to be honest. That is pretty oldened, we can take the time to update them, but 2018 was probably was the biggest and best year that we ever had. So a lot of the heart and the believes keeps it’s going. And I try not to stress over it and to just make it an enjoyable process. And I think that’s been the greatest success

Rushik Says “So Andrew tell me what were the methods that you have used to gain so much popularity of your resume writing services, and how did you reached so fast” Andrew “Primarily the internet methods that I have used to this point, generally, include a combination of, search engine optimization and pay per click marketing depend on which business. I have had some businesses online that do incredibly through social media marketing. Whereas resume writing isn’t really quite tailored for that. I mean people aren’t going to share new career planning resume writing service on their Facebook pages. Although, in other businesses, I have like, one we will be rent out these really cool, themed mansions. People are goanna love to virally share the video of the cool mansion. When I come to resume writing I need to target people that are looking for resume writers and that is done through search engine optimization and pay per clicks. Also, as part of the optimization, of course, it’s important to get many external links from other sites. So, I tried to get those external links by any means from necessary websites that I feel that our target market people who are specifically looking for resume writing will be hanging out. Also, we have taken in revenue by subscribing to some affiliated programs. and then posting them after our customers have already made the sale. After somebody has already purchased in order with our company and our customer we show them jobs by facts dot com and we aggressively linked to jobs by facts dot com. Then we collect monthly commissions from jobs by facts dot com.

Another thing is that we have creative ways of marketing. For example, even today we don’t believe in having just one website for one company because I feel that if you have ten website or hundred websites then, the customers are looking for your product instead of choosing between you and this competitor or that  number of competitor instead they would be  choosing between you and that competitor. Basically, most of them will be choosing you. Sometimes when you are in a competitive online market, people are choosing from among hundreds of companies and when you add dozens or hundreds of those companies it more likely that they will pick you. Although over the last ten to twelve years this concept, in general, has become viewed more spam but the way around is basically we make multiple sites with unique content in the similar field essentially, and they compete among themselves.

Rushik “So What’s your Vision Moving forward” Andrew “The vision going forward is to maintain and slightly grow up then we are today as once you have already created an online business that provides work for others, generating consistent revenue and profit, and besides this which keep you surviving and traveling the world little to know and enjoy the work. Really anything else is just greed I just wanted to enjoy life and continue to ensure you that this business lasts the remainder of mine and if my children want it, to pass on to them as well. “

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